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Peter Senge Seminar on Organizational Learning, Dubai.

In 2001, TNI engaged Dr. Peter Senge, author of the book “Fifth Discipline” for a seminar in Dubai in collaboration with School of Learning (SOL). This Seminar, held at the Emirates Towers in March 2004 and patronized by HE Prince Nahyan Bin Mubarek and HEC UAE and sponsored by the Ruler’s Office Dubai, was a huge success and was attended by over 300 delegates from UAE and Pakistan. Read More

HayGroup Workshops, Karachi

TNI bought the world renowned expert HR consultants, Hay Group to Pakistan for the first ever Hay certification workshops. Alan Williams heading Hay Thailand and later on Marc Thompson then Reward Leader Hay India and currently based in Hay Group UK visited in 2003 & 2008 respectively, running workshops on Hay methodology, including Job Analysis, Job Evaluation, Reward Management, People Management & Organization Development. HR professionals from top end MNCs such as Shell, Unilever, SCB, GSK, Nestle, Coke, Tetrapak etc. and local corporates such as MCB, HBL, UBL, Engro, PSO, ENI Pakistan etc. attended these workshops and attained Hay Group certifications. Read More

Dave Ulrich Seminars, Karachi & IslamabadM

In 2007, the world renowned HR Scorecard guru Professor Dave Ulrich came to Karachi and Islamabad on the TNI platform to lead seminars on Learning Organizations. It was one of the rare occasions that a speaker and scholar of his stature came on the Pakistan HR scene. The focus of the Seminar was the HR Scorecard and the HR Value Proposition, inspired by Dave’s work with General Electric corporation on the GE Workout with CEO Jack Welch. Read More

Mega HR Conference on the New Face of HR

TNI has the honour of hosting Pakistan’s biggest HR Conference on Aligning HR with the Line, co partnered with Pakistan Society of Human Resource Management (PSHRM) in 2004. 18 speakers from Pakistan, UAE, Asia Pac and India, including CEO’s, Regional Business Managers, HR Heads and Consultants graced the occasion with 12 concurrent sessions across two action packed days in which delegates were exposed to various diverse concepts from Psychometric Testing, KPIs & Performance Metrics, Competencies and Job Evaluation. Read More

Ashridge Seminar on Transformational Teams

TNI also organized a Seminar on Transformational High Performance Teams by Peter Bixby of Ashridge Management Center UK at Karachi in 2005, partnered with Octara. Peter used research on Formula 1 Car racing teams to show delegates how high performance teams work on daily basis. He also extensively discussed how leading teams use information on best practices to constantly improve their outputs. Read More

Reward Seminar, Karachi

TNI also hosted in 2007 in Karachi, A Reward Seminar on Compensation & Rewards, featuring distinguished speakers including Reward Leaders, Business Heads and Reward Strategists from Hay, Hewitt, Watson Wyatt and Mercer. This was the first time international best practices were introduced together to the Pakistani audience.Read More

Seminar on Psychometric Testing

Also in 2007, TNI held a ground breaking first Seminar on Psychometric Testing by Psytech UK & Arabian Sea Consulting UAE (BPS Certified Assessors), in Karachi. This Seminar explained the purpose and mechanics of Level A & Level B Certification and its implications for hiring & selection, career development and leadership. Read More

Landmark Pakistan Professional Women’s Conference Karachi

The flagship event in 2008 was the Landmark Pakistan Professional Women’s Conference on International Women’s Day at Karachi, featuring keynote address by Dr. Shamshad Akhtar (then) Governer State Bank of Pakistan in 2008. Speakers included Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, then Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, Roshaneh Zafar the Chairperson of the Kashf Foundation and many more… Read More