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Performance Management

Types of Performance Management systems
Designing Sales Incentive programs & Variable Bonus Schemes
How to draft and measure KPIs using business scorecard system
Right sizing and Industrial relations
HR Outsourcing – Opportunities and Challenges
Capacity Planning Metrics and Methodologies
Job Analysis
Job Evaluation – Multiple methodologies

Training & Development

How to conduct training needs assessment and devise an organizational training plan.
Confidence Building for Facilitation Skills / Public Speaking
Training Design
Talent Management and Succession Planning

Recruitment & Manpower Planning

Recruitment and Selection – Framework and policy.
Manpower Planning and HR Budgeting
Behavioral Interviewing Skills
How to design and run Assessment and Development Centers

Generalist HR Management

Designing and implementing HR Policy
HR Value Proposition _ HR as a strategic partner in businesses
Systems thinking & organizational learning

Sales Training Programs

Selling Financial Products
Competitive Product scanning
Segmenting Customers to Develop USPs for different segments.
Data mining for Prospecting Success
Sales Interview
Sales Planning
Designing Sales Incentive programs & Variable Bonus Schemes

Business Planning Programs

Business Planning and Strategy Formulation
Setting Organizational Goals & Business Objectives
Yearly Business Planning
Linking SBU Business Objectives to CEO / Business Head KPIs
Developing KPIs for business
Budgeting for revenue & costs including variance analysis

Finance Programs

Costing techniques for business profitability analysis.
Corporate finance & cost of capital
Finance for non finance executives
We can also provide consultancy on the above areas.